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  • 24 switched ports, of which up to two may be 100Mb fibre
  • High performance non-blocking operation, plug-and-play installation for switching services, trans parent to system software
  • All ports are switching and support full- and half-duplex; auto-negotiation on TP ports
  • Has a compact 1U package for installation in rack cabinets, with metal case and auto-ranging internal power supply
  • Available options include -48VDC, 24VDC, and 125VDC power, dual-source, NEBS and ETSI certification, “Reverse” rack-mount, ETSI and 23” Telco brackets, Class B EMI, and extended temperature range operation

Model 4K24F and 4K24C Switches boost the performance of large Ethernet LANs, with the flexibility of both twisted-pair and fibre switched ports. fibre ports may number zero, one or two, and a variety of user-selected fibre connector types may be configured. The 4K-Series provide the switching speed and the reliability to smoothly support multiple workgroups, each with its own switched 100Mb or 10Mb domain, for increased network performance and with “future-proof” fibre ports optionally built in.

The 24-port 4K24F Switches offer application flexibility with a series of optional fibre connector types. All applicable fibre port types (100Mb FX-ST, SC, MTRJ) and fibre cable modes (multi-mode and single-mode) are configurable using a family of 1- or 2-port modules. The twenty-two twisted pair ports are 10/100 auto-negotiating. The 1 or 2 fibre ports, when present, render the corresponding two copper ports inoperative. In a common application, the 4K24 would be at the centre of a departmental LAN, with high performance users and servers connected to most ports. In addition, groups of 10 Mb hubs, or 100Mb hubs and switches would form a series of subnets for other users. Local traffic on one subnet or port, either 100Mb or 10Mb, is switch-isolated from the other subnets for high overall network performance. Designed for use in organizations with multiple workgroups, remote offices and network traffic centres, the 4K24 Switches are easy to install and use. Addresses of attached nodes are automatically learned and maintained, adapting the switching services to network changes and expansions to provide plug-and-play operation. LEDs provide status information on each port. Models with front-mounted ports and LEDs, or with front-mounted LEDs, rear ports and power connection, are available.

The 4K24 Switches are non-blocking on all 24-ports, and include large 1MB packet buffers for advanced performance, even with unbalanced loads. The dynamic 2K-node address table allows the 24-port 4K24F and 4K24C models to support large networks. 4K24 Switches provide high port density in a rack-mountable package; have a rugged metal case and an auto-ranging power supply for operation with standard AC power worldwide. Models with optional DC input power are available. The 4K-Series and all other products are designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by a three-year warranty.