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  • Provides eight hardened 10/100 switched RJ-45 ports
  • One additional 100Mb fibre backbone port of any type
  • Hardened for industrial use, UL rated -25° C to 60° C
  • DC power input, 12 VDC, 24 VDC and -48 VDC, DIN-Rail and dual-source options
  • NEBS-compliant -Ideal for factory automation and telecom
  • Three year warranty

In factory automation control systems, fieldbus control systems are giving way to IP-based networks. The CP80-Series Hardened Ethernet switches provide modern Ethernet connectivity for a variety of factory automation and SCADA applications.

Ethernet networks in factory control systems provide interoperability and bandwidth with universal connectivity via 10/100 RJ-45 ports, all at an economical cost. In control system cabinets, a small group of IEDs, PLCs, sensors, WAPs and control devices are co-located and connected into the network using twisted-pair copper cabling. Then, this group of devices is linked into the overall industrial network, typically with a fibre cable for noise immunity and distance. The CP80-Series Hardened Ethernet Switches are ideal for these applications.

CP80F switches provide eight 10/100 copper ports and one 100Mb fibre up-link port. They are hardened to withstand the stress of industrial environments, highly reliable (over 25 years MTBF), and are easily fitted into industrial and telecom control cabinets. Operation is “plugand- play.” Front-mounted LEDs provide status information on each port. Multiple CP80-Series switches can for a linked in a cascaded or “daisychain” manner for expansion of the network.

The fibre port is available with a 2KM multi-mode ST, SC, LC, or MTRJtype connector, or with a single-mode LC, ST, and SC-type to support 20 and 40 kilometers distance. (Other special fibre port types are available on request). The 100Mb fibre port of the CP80F supports full distance fibre LAN cabling to a wiring closet switch upstream.

The CP80-Series industrial grade switch is DC-powered by 12VDC and 24VDC for factory floor or 48VDC for tariffed carrier field facilities, has a rugged metal case and metal mounting brackets suitable for panel mounting. Models with a DIN-Rail mounting bracket included are available. The CP80-series industrial hardened switches and the other industrial networking products are backed by a three-year warranty.