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  • Ethernet Switch, provides six 10/100 switched RJ-45 ports and two 100Mb fibre ports
  • Designed for unheated / uncooled “outdoor” applications such as roadside control boxes. Metal case and pedestal mounting hardware serve as a heat sink to dissipate internal heat
  • P62F models provide two 100Mb fibre ports built in, typically used to daisy-chain units in a system
  • Fast Ethernet fibre connectors may be multi-mode SC, 20km single-mode SC, or other specialty types
  • Models for power sources of -48VDC, 24VDC, or 12VDC. AC power usable with PSX units

When Ethernet LAN switches need to move out of temperature controlled friendly offices and into harsh environments with inhospitable high/low temperatures, the P62F and P62F-5V Switches can be the solution. Two 100Mb switched fibre ports allow strings of P62F's to be deployed over great distances, and a half-dozen 10/100 switched RJ-45 ports in each unit provide easy and convenient connectivity for local devices and users at each drop.

Designed to operate in temperature uncontrolled applications, the P62F case was engineered to function as a heat sink, to draw the heat away from the internal electronics and dissipate it. In order to minimize the heat dissipation problem, the efficient P62F uses just 10 watts of power. The P62F operates normally up to 70°C (160°F), withstanding the heat of summer in the desert and down to the extreme cold of Arctic winter -40°C (-40°F).

Since the P62F case is sealed, it prevents problem elements from entering the unit. There is no convection air flowing through the unit, no cooling fan failure to worry about, and no spiders or insect penetration. In addition, the P62F will allow no smoke inside, preventing internal damage to the electronics if used adjacent to an accidental building or plenum fire.

Noteworthy applications for the P62F include roadside traffic data collection and control stations, unheated or high temperature industrial plant locations, plenum and ceiling locations in commercial buildings, data communications huts and pedestals, and military field operations sites.

When mounted in the field, the P62F is typically fastened to a metal pedestal or post that is planted in the earth. This provides an even larger heat sink to normalize the operating temperature of the electronics in the P62F. Although the P62F’s package is not waterproof, it can be placed in NEMA 4 boxes, IP65 enclosures, and similar waterproof metal enclosures to provide an all-weather outdoor solution.

The P62F and P62F-5V units are available with a choice of 100Mb fibre port connectors; multi-mode and single-mode fibre cabling (and combinations) are supported as well. To achieve high performance, large (1MB) packet buffers and 16K address tables are standard. DC power input is featured in model P62F for high reliability and convenience in out-of-the-way locations. Standard AC power can be applied to the model P62F-5V using the PSX-A Power Source for Extended Temperature.

The ruggedness of the P62F steel case combined with the high reliability of the design (over 15 years MTBF) complements the temperature-controlled packaging to provide an exceptional “Industrial Strength” Ethernet product. The P62F and P62F-5V Ethernet Switches as well as the other products are designed and manufactured in the US and backed by a three-year warranty.